Sandi Akres Speech Therapy Services - Specific Speech Therapy for Children
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I know if my child needs Speech Therapy?
A: As children grow up, they develop at their own pace. Despite this normal variation in development, there are some children who seem to be developing speech or language at a rate that is slower than the expected range for their age. In terms of broad guidelines, first words usually emerge by at least one year of age; two word sentences around 18 months; and at least three word sentences by 21/2 years. If you notice that your child is below these expectations, it may be worthwhile to contact a Speech Therapist. If your child's teacher has alerted you to the fact that your child is difficult to understand at school, or is not making sentences the way other children in the class are, then having your child assessed by a Speech Therapist may be useful.
 Q: How long should I expect my child to be in Speech Therapy?
A: This depends on a number of factors: some of these include the severity of the speech difficulties, and the child's individual response to the therapy process. It is probably reasonable to expect that your child will require therapy for at least 3-6 months, with more severe speech or language difficulties likely requiring a longer time span.
Q: How do I decide on a Speech Therapist?
A: This process may involve some research on your part. Most therapists have areas of specialty or areas of preferred interest. Be sure to ask the Speech Therapist about this when you contact them, to see if their preferred areas match your child's needs. Therapy styles also vary, and you may find that you prefer one approach over another. As you and your child will be working closely with the Speech Therapist, it is important that you find one that you both feel comfortable to work with on a regular basis. 
Please refer to the BCASLPA website (Find a Professional) for more information.
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