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Like many of us, I am a "doer." I love getting things done. Years ago I took a coaching course. They spoke about "being" and "doing." Of course I was great with the doing part of things, but being was a different story. However what they suggested in this course changed my Life. They alluded to a beingness in our doing. In other words we just have to find a way of being happy and content as we do what needs to be done in life. No separation is necessary. 
As I watch parents as I go along each day, it strikes me that the doing aspect of things is never ending.  Over the years that I have worked as a Speech Therapist I am increasingly aware of the demands of parenthood and how challenging it might be to find time to complete the Speech and Language sheets/exercises that we give for "Homework ." Part of the challenge for parents is finding a few moments in the day to sit down and do these exercises. What I am suggesting, just like doing and being, is that Speech and Language activities at home do not need to be done separately from our daily activities . They can be the "being" in our "doing." Here are some fun ideas that you can do to help your child's speech and language as you go through your daily activities: 

In the kitchen: This room in the house is teeming with listening, and language opportunities. 

Listening: Get your child to help you prepare a meal or help you bake. Give him/her instructions what to do, for example. " put the ---- in the bowl." Start with easy one step instructions and eventually move up to 2/3 directions at a time.  Cleaning up a meal is also a great time to get kids to follow instructions for example 'put the paper plate in the garbage.'

Vocabulary: The kitchen is an excellent place to build new vocabulary items: 'what should we make for dinner/breakfast/lunch ' is a great way for kids to understand and use vocabulary items around food. There are tons of language concepts to teach around food as well, for example sweet, sour, hot, cold, spicy etc. Children sure enjoy the eating part of learning these concepts!! 
Question  Development: questions such as 'where is the----' and 'what do you have/ want' are easy to include in a recipe or when planning dinner. Encourage your kids to ask you these questions as well, even if they are only able to say the question word on their own. 

Speech: For the young children just developing speech, the kitchen affords ample opportunities  to use vowels as well sounds made with our lips, for example, you can practice " m" as you bake and eat delicious cookies; "uh oh" when things break or spill; "mo" for more when your child requests more food; "ma" for my when it is your child's turn to stir the batter; "ba" for back when packing the groceries back in the cupboard  "ya "for  yes if  your child agrees to do something. 

My plan is to provide you with weekly " on the go " ideas and tips to help work on your child's speech as you go along with your daily activities... Until next time!! 

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It's very great that you learned from every experience and tried to implement that in life which actually worked as well. I got a lot to learn from your blog post. Your contributions and efforts are priceless.
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Many parents nowadays does not have time for their children because of loud works in their office. In my own opinion, parents must give their children a little bit of their time. The personality of a child starts at home, how he/she speaks, how he/she interact with people or how he/she treat people. This everyday Speech Therapy will help children speak up, especially their feelings. Thank you for this interesting blog. I would like to read more of your blog soon.
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Sure! Looking back at this post compared to the most recent one for Christmas, it makes me realize how right you are about getting bogged down with every day stuff, and how intentional daily centering/remembering/reflection have to be in order to be effective.
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A young child who does not react to noise or who isn't vocalizing should be seen by a health care provider instantly. But often, it is difficult for parents to understand whether their child is taking some time to reach the milestone of language or speech, or if There's a problem that requires care and Speech Therapy
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